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AI Engineering with Open-Source Models - Ultimate Tutorial

Learn all the AI Engineering Things
Created: 21 January 2024
Last updated: 04 February 2024

In numbers, there’s probably going to be significantly more AI Engineers than there are ML engineers / LLM engineers. One can be quite successful in this role without ever training anything. - Andrej Karpathy

This is a work-in-progress ongoing series of tutorials. I will add a new one every week. Subscribe to the blog to receive these updates, as well as a digest of what is happening in the world of AI engineering.

AI Engineering Tutorial Series Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Technical User’s Introduction to LLMs
2. Audio Transcription with AI - Whisper
3. Using Your Model with llama.cpp Locally
4. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Open Source LLMs
5. Evaluating Open-Source LLMs
6. Production RAG with Postgres Vector Store and Open-Source LLMs
7. Multimodal open-source models [COMING SOON]

In the past 24-36 months, our species has discovered that you can take a GIANT corpus of text, run it through a pile of GPUs, and use it to create a fascinating new kind of software. - Simon Willson